New York City For A Week In March

modern-coup-christian-paxton-times-squareHi Everyone,

I was away from the studio for a week, so the blog hasn’t been updated. My apologies. My family and I went to New York City to take a break, while our schedules are still not very busy. It was very chilly in New York and we really had to bundle up. The temperatures were around 0-3 degrees celsius. Luckily, we only got a little bit of rain on our last day there.

We stayed one block from Times Square because we wanted to be able to walk everywhere. It was very convenient, but at the same time very tourist-y. There were tonnes of people there, especially it being Spring Break for the kids.

I’m still processing the pictures and getting back into things, so I’m going to just post these 2 pictures for now. This week, I’ll be uploading more pictures and telling you about where we went.

modern-coup-new-york-times-squareA picture taken of the very famous Times Square in New York. The lights from the billboards were so bright that even at night, it felt like it was daytime.


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