I use premium quality waxed canvas and leather for my bags and cases. These natural materials are not only long lasting, but they get more beautiful over time.


This is a beautiful heavy duty cotton canvas that is treated with a natural layer of a proprietary blend of wax. It creates a surface that is smooth and water resistant. Unlike fully waxed canvas, this fabric won’t have the wrinkled or cracking effect after use. The colour doesn’t rub off onto your clothing and it’s dry to the touch. Some waxed canvases feel a little waxy and damp

This is a special textile that is produced by a small family run business in the USA since the 1930’s. They are one of the last companies to produce this kind of quality material.

For more about this material, please see:  Why I think Waxed Cotton Canvas Fabric Is Such a Special Material.


Vegetable tanned leather is tanned with organic tree bark and its all natural tanning agent “tannin.” It’s a top grade quality leather that is minimally processed and that ages beautifully. The leather is smooth on both sides and has a nice flexibility. The thickness of the leather differs depending on what it is used for. For example, a thicker leather is used for the bags and a thinner one for pull tabs on cases.

I use antique brass hardware as much as possible.  It’s much more expensive than most bag hardware on the market, but I favour quality over quantity. This kind of hardware doesn’t rust, is beautiful, strong and durable.