The Food Market Inside Grand Central Terminal – New York City

modern-coup-new-york-city-grand-central-terminal-buildingGrand Central Terminal is truly an amazing building. It was built in 1913 and has 44 train platforms inside. I don’t know how many floors it contains, but there are 3 that the public can access.The concourse floor is for dining. You will find coffee kiosks, restaurants and other food vendors there. A floor above, there are many retail shops and artisan kiosks for gifts and jewelry.

My favourite place inside the train terminal is the food market. There was such a beautiful selection of fruits, vegetables, seafood, spices and meats. It reminded me of Granville Island’s Public Market in Vancouver, but at a smaller scale. The market was a busy place. Many people were buying lunch to go.


 Entrance to the Grand Central Market on the main floor.


 Beautiful fresh fruits sold by individual vendors.


Oh seafood…it looked so good. I was getting so hungry. I just imagined having a boiling pot of water there and cooking all that seafood to have a feast.

modern-coup-new-york-city-grand-central-terminal-market-hamI told my husband that for a special occasion, he can forget about buying flowers or even jewelry. A whole leg of prosciutto would just be the perfect gift for me. Mmmm…premium salted cured meats…

modern-coup-new-york-city-grand-central-terminal-market-breadYou can’t have proscuitto without having some baguette bread baked to perfection to go with it.


A spice and tea vendor inside the market. Beautiful selection and colours.


You can find more fruits and a plethora of nuts for a great snack.


Other than obsessing about the food, I should state that the Grand Central Terminal has really nice architecture. This is a photo of sculptures at the top of the main entrance.


It was very busy inside this huge station. There were commuters, tourists and office workers everywhere. Perhaps the terminal’s best-known feature is the celestial ceiling on the main concourse depicting the zodiac.


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