What Is There To Do For Kids In New York City?


This is Pax’s first big trip. He’s 3 now and fully potty trained, so my husband and I thought he’s ready to travel. When we first told him we’re going to New York, of course he had no idea where that was. However, when we told him there are huge candy stores there, he was excited! He’s been watching Lucky Penny Shop on YouTube for a while now. It introduces people to mostly American candies. Pax loves looking at all the different candies and chocolates. I think more than actually wanting to eat it, he likes looking at all the colourful packaging.

We stayed in Mid-Manhattan, where Times Square is. I know, it’s very touristy, but when you have a child or kids convenience is important. You can walk to many places in and outside of Times Square. There are 3 stores in Times Square that your kids are going to like.

1. Toys R Us: 4 floors full of toys. The bottom floor has a ferris wheel, which you can ride for $5 a person. The 3rd floor also has a candy store.

2. M & M’s World: 4 floors full of M & M chocolates, toys and memorabilia.

3. Hershey Chocolate World: Right across from M & M’s World. This store is quite small, but it has lots of Hershey chocolates, t-shirts and memorabilia. You can also find Reese and Twizzlers products there.

Just outside of Times Square, in Rockefeller Center, there is a 2 story Lego Store to keep your little ones busy. If you walk a little further up 5th Avenue and 58th Street, there is a FAO Schwarz. It has 2 floors full of toys and a candy store that takes up half of the first floor.


 Chocolate bars sold at FAO Schwarz’s candy store


 FAO Schwarz’s flagship store in New York’s 5th Avenue (@ 58th Street)


Mario Brothers toy and candies at FAO Schwarz


 The candy floor at FAO Schwarz. It takes up about 1/2 of the first floor.


 There are a lot of gummy candies there. I saw a gummy bear that weighs about a pound, similar to the toy one here. It was a little scary thinking of eating one big gummy bear.


Bottles and bottles of M & Ms at M & M’s World


Here’s Pax playing with the M & M toys. He already has the one on the motorcycle at home from my aunt. We didn’t even know it was a candy dispenser initially.


This is the view from M & M’s World. Just across the street, is Hershey’s Chocolate World. Convenient, isn’t it? I’m sure your kids will think so…


From the Lego Store at Rockefeller Center. The store displays the whole Rockefeller Center in Legos. Very true to the real building.


This Lego is of the ice rink and promenade of the Rockefeller Center.


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