2 Day Trip to Montreal For The New Year

Custom Utility Tote in midnight blue and orange with backpack straps added

The boys are going back to school tomorrow (thank goodness). Their holiday schedule got pushed back to the last week of December and first week of January. This made it feel very long and everyone is looking forward to getting back to our regular routines.

For Christmas, I booked a short 2 day trip to Montreal for the New Year. A present for the whole family. I want the boys to have these shared memories, rather than a lot of stuff (I did buy them a couple of special Rubik’s cubes that they wanted though).

I asked Christian to take a quick photo of me at the Via train station in Ottawa

I brought my custom Utility Tote with backpack straps for easy travelling. You may have seen this bag before, as I also use it on my Brompton folding bike.

For short trips, I like to pack very light. I like using the medium size Utility Tote because it has 6 pockets to organize my belongings.

VIA train crossing the Lachine Canal as it approaches the main station in Montreal, Gare Centrale

US and Canada had a major snow storm that swept through most of the countries, during Christmas, causing a lot of travel chaos. After that, in Eastern Canada, we had rain and above 0 temperatures.

The weather settled down the first week of January. It felt more like Spring weather. While this is a welcome break, it is also concerning. We are typically covered in snow and minus temperatures.

A little walk in Old Montreal. Since it’s January, everything was quiet. I like the calmness at this time of year.

A little further down along Old Montreal is the Marche Bonsecours. It’s a beautiful building that has retail stores selling mostly artisanal goods.

This is the third time the boys have been to Montreal and they really enjoy it. They love trains, so first taking the VIA train to Montreal and then the Metro is so much fun for them.

That was a nice short getaway, but I’m looking forward to getting back to business as usual. I hope you’re having a good start to the year. -Cat

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