Large Split Keyboard Carry Case For The keyball39 By Shirogane Lab

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I launched the carry cases for the mechanical split keyboards. The customers of these keyboards have left me some really nice notes about them. I’m so happy about the way these turned out.

Anjie, from Los Angeles, was looking for a case for her keyball39 split keyboard. This is a keyboard by Shirogane Lab from Japan as part of a series that come with 39, 44 or 61 keys. It has a built-in trackball that can be put on either half of the keyboard. It’s an ergonomic solution because the trackball is in the palm of your hand, letting you keep your fingers on home row.

Anjie also said she uses the Manfrotto Pocket Tripods as her tenting solution. With the trackball and tripods, I wanted to see if the large case or the large low-profile case would be better for her. After a few measurements and thinking about its use, the Large Split Carry would be best as it has more depth.

She was nice enough to send in this photo and showed how she’s using her case (in charcoal and brown. She says that the keyboards can fit vertically in the main compartment. Then she puts the tripods in the front compartment. These tripods are screwed onto the bottom of split keyboards and can be removed.

Large Split Mechanical Keyboard Case in Custom Colours: Olive Green and Brown

I love seeing how customers use the bags and cases I design. I like how customers, like Anjie, come up with their own creative solution.

If you have a mechanical keyboard that you would like a case for, you can contact us if you’re unsure about the fit. We try to provide a list of popular keyboards that fit for each listing, but if you have a special set up, let us know. Thanks! -Cat

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