Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve Sets For Work

As summer comes to a close, I noticed that many customers are ordering sleeves or cases for their mechanical keyboards in sets. Some have told us that they really are going back to the office (for real this time, after many start/stop re-openings to the workplace due to the pandemic).

What I noticed for August orders was that many customers will be bringing their numeric keybpads (or numpads) around along with their keyboards. Typically, I make these for tech savvy accountants, but it seems more people are also bringing theirs along.

I just want to show you a few sets. The one pictured above is for Anirudh in Durham, North Carolina. A 40% and numeric keypad case in midnight blue (two of the smallest ones I make).

This custom set is for Mark (an accountant) in Santa Clara, California. He ordered this custom set in black and red: a 75% (small bezel) sleeve and a matching numpad case.

This set is for Devan in nearby Boston, Massachusetts. I really like these custom colours he chose: black with charcoal grey bottom and black leather.
60% (large bezel) mechanical keyboard sleeve
Numeric keypad to match
Hold Pouch for his small belongings

The interior of the cases is lined with a sturdy 100% cotton twill. A heavy duty magnetic snap closes the case securely.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these really neat sets. I really like making it and seeing them together.

If you need a case or bag for your everyday journey, please come by the online shop and take a look. Everything is made to order or custom made for you. It takes 3-5 business days and 5-7 business days lead time, respectively. Thanks! -Cat

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