Designing Split Mechanical Keyboard Carry Cases

In 2017 I started designing mechanical keyboard cases or sleeves when my husband, Christian, wanted one for his keyboard. Since then, every so often, I would be asked if I make anything for split keyboards. The ones that were shown to me were oddly shaped with many variations in sizes. I didn’t know how to go about designing for something like that, so I left it for years.

Last summer, Christian was looking into getting a split keyboard for ergonomic reasons. He started looking at what is out in the market for them and eventually built a few himself. We found that most of the sizes weren’t wildly different, like that ones I saw years ago. So, about 4 months ago I actively started designing for it.

I must say, that of all the bags and keyboard cases I’ve designed so far, the split keyboards cases were the most challenging. It was difficult coming up with a design where it was for 2 parts, fragile, the fit had to be just right, be compact, fully padded and look nice.

After 3 completely different designs and 8 versions later, I was finally happy with what I made. Initially, I thought it was going to be 2 cases; for small and large split keyboards. However, these fit too loose for the low-profile keyboards, so I designed another 2 cases.

In total there are now 4 cases to choose from:
Small splits with compact, 3-row designs like the Corne
Large splits with a number row like a Sofle, Lily58, Iris or Kyria

Small low-profile splits like a Choc Corne, Ferris Sweep or Chocofi
Large low-profile splits like a Voyager, Choc Sofle or Choc Helix

The cases come in 3 signature colour combinations: charcoal grey/brown, midnight blue/grey and dark brown/black. However, you can choose your own custom colours, like the olive green and brown one shown.

If you’re looking for a split mechanical keyboard case, each one has a list of popular compatible keyboards that fit. If you’re not sure which one you need, please contact us. Thanks! -Cat

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