Introducing The 75% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve (2 Sizes)

This April, I introduced the 75% mechanical keyboard sleeve in 2 sizes. I was a little surprised at how much bigger these keyboards are getting and how popular this size is. When I started making sleeves 4 years ago, many of them were for 40% and 60% keyboards.

Making keyboard sleeves and cases are interesting because I sometimes get a surge of orders at once for a certain size. For example, if I get a bunch of 65% sleeve orders, I always ask Christian, “What new keyboard just came out?” He’s usually on top of it and can tell me what’s going on. That’s why I keep giving him lateral promotions within our 2 person business 🙂

First 75% (standard) mechanical keyboard sleeve order. Custom colours: charcoal grey and red.

In April, I made Blake (in nearby Kansas City, Missouri) the first 75% sleeve for his KBDFans KBD75 v2 keyboard. This one is the standard size. He was happy we offered it and wanted his own custom colours for it.

There is also a large bezel sleeve which is wider and shorter in length. This would fit the Glorious GMMK PRO and Keychron Q1 keyboards.

Heavy duty magnetic snap closure. A front pocket for cables and small items.
75% (large bezel) mechanical keyboard sleeves. 1. Custom colours: olive green and yellow 2. In stock colours: midnight blue with charcoal grey

When our repeat customer (in San Jose, California) ordered his, I figured this size is quite popular since he seems to have almost every size keyboard (this is his 5th order by the way). Here are the two 75% large bezel sleeves he ordered. He also ordered two TKL cases along with it (top most photo).

100% cotton twill fabric lining.
Comparison of 75% (large bezel) and 65% (standard) size mechanical keyboard sleeve sizes.

Here’s a comparison of the 75% and a 65% standard one. Skylar (in San Antonio, Texas) ordered this custom 75% large bezel sleeve in the custom colours she chose (charcoal grey and orange). It is a wide and stocky looking sleeve.

Trying to fit a TKL keyboard into a 75% (large bezel) sleeve to see how it fits.

Upon finishing another 75% large bezel sleeve, I was curious as to how a TKL size keyboard would fit in it. As you can see, the TKL is longer by about 2 columns of keys, but the width of the keyboard fits it.

75% (large bezel) mechanical keyboard sleeve in custom colours (charcoal grey and black) with personalization.

Here’s another great colour combination ordered by Nick (in Melbourne, Australia). Again, it is a 75% large bezel sleeve and he also personalized his.

Charcoal grey lightly waxed water resistant canvas. English bridle vegetable tanned black leather pull tab and personalization label.
First 75% (large bezel) ever ordered. Custom colours: black with charcoal grey.

Lastly, I’ll just show you one more in a nice colour combination in the large bezel size. This one is for Christian (in nearby Boston, Massachusetts). He’s actually the first person to order the large size back in April.

75% keyboards were very popular in the last few months. If you do have one and need a sleeve for it, please head over to the online shop. You will be able to order custom colours and have it personalized there. 1. Choose your sleeve size 2. Add the custom colour listing to your cart.

Please note:
Stock colours require up to 5 business days to make before shipping. Custom orders require 7-10 days. As we head towards the busy season, please order early especially if it’s a gift. Thankfully, we have not encountered long delays from the normal shipping estimates this year. However, as you know, things are still uncertain with Covid and there are no guaranteed shipping arrivals.

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