A Custom Built Ortholinear Keyboard With a 40% Sleeve To Match

Last year, I made Paul from Belfast, North Ireland this custom 40% mechanical keyboard sleeve. He had a whole masterplan to build his own keyboard, have a sleeve to match and a custom cozy knit for his Chemex coffeemaker. He sent me the above photo this past summer and it all looks so fantastic!

Here are the details that Paul sent to me about his keyboard:
– It’s an Ortholinear keyboard: all brass UD_40
– The keycaps are called GMK Nautilus
– The switches are lubed and filmed Tealios

The knit Chemex cozy is by Red Cellar Designs. Paul wanted me to mention this as he’s a big small business supporter. I love very unique items, so for him to get a custom cozy was pretty neat.

40% mechanical keyboard sleeve in midnight blue and yellow

Paul ordered the 40% keyboard sleeve in custom colours he chose: midnight blue with a yellow bottom and brown leather. He also added his initials to personalize it. (It’s not shown in this photo because I photographed it before the personalization was added. Please see first photo above.)

Interior lined with 100% cotton twill. Case has a heavy duty magnetic snap closure.

If you’re seeing this, Paul, thank you so much for sending this great photo and telling us about your keyboard build. I love customer photos and am happy it turned out so well. That is a lovely keyboard.

NOTE: If you’re interested in a custom keyboard sleeve or case, such as this one, please head over to the online shop. You will be able to choose your own colours and add personalization right on the site. See the other sizes here.

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