10% Off Sale – Celebrating 10 Years of Modern Coup

I hope you’re having a good summer. This month marks 10 years since I started Modern Coup. From working in a 75 sq. ft. room in Vancouver (above), having 2 boys along the way to coming out of a pandemic, I’m happy to still be running this very small business. That’s thanks to you. The enthusiasm and interest I’ve received through the years has made being an independent designer worth the journey.

As a small token of my appreciation, all items in the shop are 10% off throughout the summer. Select from work/travel bags, Brompton bike bags, mechanical keyboard cases and pouches.

Medium Zipper Tote. The Bag That Started It All in 2013

The Medium Zipper Tote is my first design. It came in 3 colour combinations. Like me, I thought certain customers would be interested in a ideal size bag, made out of natural materials and had plenty of pockets for organization. I’ve made many of these bags for work, travel and everyday. It still remains to be my favourite bag.

I sometimes use the Medium Zipper Tote in charcoal grey as a carry-on for short travel.
Mechanical Keyboard Cases were added in 2017.

The story is that my husband wanted a case for his 60% mechanical keyboard. I had no idea what these were, except I’ve been seeing him fidget with pulling keys out and building ones that lit up. He told me there’s nothing out there that is any good. THAT piqued my interest and I started designing it.

After 2 designs and testing, I was happy with what I made him. He posted it on Reddit. Many enthusiasts were interested in getting one, so we held a group buy that turned out very successful. I’ve been making them since and really like it.

Moved Studio to Ottawa in 2019

In 2019, after many years of thinking about moving to Eastern Canada, we finally did. We chose Ottawa for a mid-size city, it’s gentler pace for raising the boys and room for a dedicated studio. Now I’m working from my 400 sq. ft. home studio.

Thank you again for your interest. If you want to read a long story longer, I’ll be writing more about starting this business, stories and questions I’ve received along the way on this blog, Modern Coup Make.

Have a very nice summer. -Cat

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