Moving From Vancouver To Ottawa !

I’m moving to Ottawa this summer! (well…the family gets to come, too). I apologize for not updating the blog this year. Taking care of my family, orders and planning our move across Canada has kept me very busy. I’m looking forward to living in a new city and having a new studio.



Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. This is where all the magic happens!…or maybe just government regulations. I have shared a few posts from last Fall about the Byward Market, Ottawa architecture and this beautiful city. We chose Ottawa because it is a mid to large sized city with all the amenities we need, good educational institutions, family activities and it’s proximity to Montreal (which I love) and Toronto.



Christian and I were there twice last Fall to make sure Ottawa is where we really want to move to. We both grew up in Vancouver and this is our first major move. We have been wanting to move to Eastern Canada since we got married. We’ve thought about moving to Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa. This move comes as a surprise to some family and friends, but we’ve thought about it on and off for 12 years. However, the timing was never right; we had office jobs, the babies were young, we were too busy to actually do a major move and Modern Coup was just getting started.




The National Gallery of Canada is one of my favourite places to visit. I’m hoping to spend a lot more time there.




The shop is now closed for the summer, while we move. I hope to be back to work in early Fall with some new ideas. Thank you and have a great summer! 





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