August Sample Sale on Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves – 20% Off

I had a few inquiries from students (who are going back on campus this September) if there will be a upcoming sale on mechanical keyboard sleeves and cases. Typically, due to the made to order and custom nature of my work, I don’t usually run sales. However, there are times when I have waxed canvas or leather that have minor flaws and I thought this is a perfect opportunity to make up some sleeves and discount them. So, I have a limited quantity of ready to ship 40, 60 and 65% sleeves or cases available at 20% off.

These, as stated, have very minor flaws. It may be a wrinkle in the waxed canvas, a slight marking on the leather or a different shade of thread. I would never sell anything that is not a good standard. It is not a deal if it’s poor quality. You will never find that here.

I’m happy to think that students will be going back on campus and perhaps even using one of my sleeves. It’s been a very tough 18 months. Some students will be entering their 2nd year of studies and they haven’t had a class on campus for their 1st year due to Covid. I feel for them as being on campus is the learning experience; meeting new friends, exchanging ideas and being lost on a huge campus. My take away from university is not the course material (rarely do we remember any of that), it’s the life stories and lessons that the profs tell. You may not even understand it then, but as you get older, you get what they’re trying to tell you.

Anyhow, I’m going to keep the sample sale going until they sell out. I like running a sale this way, so I will periodically make some. The best way to find out is here on the blog, through our newsletter on the homepage or Instagram.

Please find them here on the online shop. They are ready to ship within 2-3 days.

If you are a student going back to school. My very best to you and I hope campus life brings many great experiences that you will remember always. -Cat