Roaming Around Ottawa With My Convertible Shoulder Tote Backpack

I’ve been using my convertible tote backpack since June. I use this daily and also brought it on my trip to Ottawa. Typically, I’m a shoulder tote person, but I do like using the backpack straps when I’m with my kids or walking far distances.



When I made this bag, I knew I would do some light travelling in the future, so I added the luggage strap. I used it as part of my carry-on luggage. If you do any sort of travelling, you will not regret this purchase. I usually don’t check in baggage unless I really have to. I dislike waiting, so watching the luggage carousel turn round and round for my luggage is not fun after a long flight.



Roaming around hands free was very enjoyable. I haven’t taken 4 days off since last Christmas, so this was a real treat for me.



Christian took this photo when we were near the National Gallery of Canada. The Three Watchman is a monument symbolizing protection from danger, reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations people and peacekeeping efforts.



To end the Ottawa trip, we went to Le Moulin De Provence by the Byward Market for coffee and pastries. This fruit tart was really delicious. You can taste the pure ingredients in the cream. It’s unlike some of the fruit tarts I’ve eaten before.  It’s nice to find people are still making things the right way.

This is also a real treat to sit for a long while, sipping coffee and talking to my husband. Usually I’m with my boys and they’re not really into sitting at cafes for more than 1/2 hour without wanting to leave to do their own things. I think they needed a break from me…


The bag I brought to Ottawa    

Medium Zipper Tote in charcoal grey and brown

customized with: 

+ 2 front pockets

+ luggage strap

+backpack straps





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