Riding the Brompton Folding Bike to Send Out Orders

This week marked a big shift in weather for Ottawa. We had snow and a freezing rain storm last week cutting off power to many parts of the city. This week though, we are experiencing 27-29C weather. This is not common as this is more like the summer weather. Apparently, the last time it was this warm was in the 1840’s. A bit concerning with the wild swing in weather. Next week will be back down to a more seasonal 10-12 degrees.

With the warm weather, it was time to bring the Brompton back out. For the first time this year, we rode our bikes to the post office to send out orders. We started doing this last Spring (the first year we had the bikes) and I really liked it. We often do our grocery shopping after, too.

We sometimes use 2 different bags. In the main photo above, we used the large Brompton Borough basket bag. My brother gave me this and it’s good for some smaller packages. We also use this because it’s pretty handy for grocery shopping after.

Christian likes to use the Roll-Top Bag (with backpack straps added) for larger envelopes and packages.

The Roll-Top Bag is the newest in the small line-up of bags. However, it is the most versatile one. In this case Christian is using it as a bike bag and backpack. However, some customers use this for travel by adding the luggage strap option onto it.

I also made this bag compatible with the Brompton front carrier rack. It is very secure while riding. You can also put your water bottle in one of the outside front pockets for easy reach.

Please keep in mind that the Roll-Top Bag and all bags in the shop are handcrafted. It oftentimes takes up to 2 weeks to make before shipping. Thanks.

I hope you’re having a nice start to Spring. -Cat

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