A September Restart. Getting Back To A Work Routine.

September rolls around and it feels completely different. First, the weather here in Ottawa, Canada immediately became cooler. Gone are the days of the 30 degree heat and now we are in the low 20s.

Another important thing for us and many other parents is the return to school for our children. Our boys haven’t been to a classroom since March 2020 and are happy to be back. I told them that that was the longest Spring Break…ever.

To keep everyone’s spirits up, we spent a lot of time outdoors; walking, fruit picking, bike riding and discovering new places in Ottawa. I don’t think there will be any other time where we will spend that much time together.

On Ottawa’s Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River. The Alexandra Bridge connects our province of Ontario to Quebec (French Canada).

As the kids are back at school, it’s time for me to get back into a daytime work routine. When they were home, I worked a lot at night when it was quiet. It seems a bit strange that it’s so quiet now for most of the day. However, we are exactly where we should be; work and school.

As an aside… Covid-19, as you know, is still effecting everyone and I’m not implying things are back to the way it was. We have not taken the decision to return to school lightly, just that simply young children cannot be in front of a computer all day. With a high vaccination rate (around 80% fully vaccinated for age 12+ in Ottawa) and health safeguards at school, we have a chance of normalcy. I know even this is a privilege.