Unique Custom 40 Percent Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves

Left to Right: Stock 40% keyboard sleeve in midnight blue, Custom sleeve for OLKB Preonic, Shortened 40% for small keyboard

April turned out to be a very busy month with many unique custom orders. The boys also had a week of Spring Break, which was moved from mid-March due to Covid. It actually worked out better since the weather was warmer and we were able to start bike riding. Other than that, there was also an income tax deadline (which I am very relieved to be done with).

This month, there were quite a few custom 40% mechanical keyboard sleeve orders. Each one seemed to be uniquely sized. It always gets me wondering what kind of new keyboards just came out when there are a lot of inquiries.

Here are three custom 40% mechanical keyboard sleeves I finished a couple of weeks ago. With these ones, I either shortened, lengthened and/or widened the stock 40% sleeve size in the shop. Let’s take a look.

This first one is for Chris in Figtree, Australia (an hour or so drive south of Sydney).

Chris has a very small 40% keyboard and requested a custom size, so I shortened the regular size for him.

Just to give you a better sense of the sleeve’s smaller size, I put it next to a regular 40% mechanical keyboard. Chris’ keyboard must be tiny and highly specialized.

Chris also chose this really nice custom colour combination: olive green with midnight blue waxed canvas bottom and a brown leather tab. From all the colours I have put together before, this is actually the first time I have made this combination.

Next, we have Luke from California, who ordered a custom fit sleeve for his wife’s OLKB Preonic in a Datamancer wood case. Even though this is in a wooden case, the sleeve adds extra protection and a handle to carry it around with.

To make this extra special, Luke also chose these custom colours: charcoal grey with a red colour combination and a brown leather tab.

OLKB Preonic in a Datamancer wood case.

With this one, I had to lengthen and widen the regular 40% sleeve to fit it. The keyboard is 1 row wider and longer than a regular 40% keyboard and the wood case takes up more space volume-wise.

Just as a side note: if you have a regular Preonic case, it fits nicely in the stock 40% mechanical keyboard sleeve.

Lastly, I have Arjay from nearby Vancouver, Canada. Arjay is a student and he wanted a 40% custom fit sleeve to carry his Rackmount Minivan. I lengthened the regular 40% for his longer keyboard.

Arjay ordered the brown with a black bottom colour combination (which is one of our stock colours). Christian and I really like this colour combination and always say the same thing when an item is finished, “I really like the brown.” It doesn’t get ordered as much as charcoal grey and midnight blue. I have noticed, however, that our Japanese and South Korean customers like it.

For his order, Arjay chose the personalization option. The leather is English bridle, a top end vegetable-tanned leather from a long established tannery in the USA.

So there we have it. I have a lot more to post for April’s custom orders, but I found these 3 very interesting as they are unique 40% keyboard sleeves.

Please contact us if you would like a custom fit sleeve or case. I charge a nominal extra for the added labour and materials, but never over-charge. On top of that, I ask that you have a little bit more patience while I produce the custom order. It typically takes about 2 weeks for a custom item to be made before shipping out.

It’s the last day of April. Where does the time go? I ask myself this every month and when my kids hear it, they tell me, “You always say that!”

I hope you have a very good weekend and a great start to May!

In our province of Ontario, Canada we are at a stay-at-home except for essentials order. We can, however, go around the neighbourhood and parks. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more bike riding (and of course, to get vaccinated). -Cat

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