Custom Bag: Waxed Canvas and Leather Commuter Bag in Charcoal Grey and Black

This is a custom order for Nicole in Carmel, Indiana. She wanted a Utility Tote, but a slimmer version. I reduced the zipper top width by 2″ and what a difference it makes in how the bag looks. It’s smaller and more portable than the regular Utility Tote. I really like the way it turned out. It’s bigger than the Small Zipper Tote, but smaller than the Medium Size Tote.

Other than the size, Nicole also wanted a different colour combination. She liked it darker with a charcoal body with black bottom and black leather handles/strap.

Size: 14.5″wide x 12″ tall x 5″ deep



I’m calling this the Commuter Bag because it is a great everyday bag to take with you on your way to work, shop or wherever. It’s lightweight, water resistant and just a great size.



As usual, I like my bags to have a zipper for security. All solid brass hardware throughout.



The Commuter Bag still has 4 pockets, but I had to reduce the size of one of the larger pockets due to the reduction in bag size. So this bag has these interior pockets:  2 water bottle pockets, 1 large pocket and 1 slim pocket.



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