Behind the Scenes of a Mini-Photoshoot in Gastown, Vancouver

I made the Petite Purses available for sale this past summer. With an online business, taking nice photos of the bags are important. However, we always have to plan whatever we do around the kids. My husband and I usually take them wherever we go and that includes taking photos.

We decided that the Woodward’s Building would be a good place to go. First, it’s a nice location and more importantly, there’s something for the kids to do to keep them busy.



Here’s Christian taking some test shots, while Pax was playing with Nol.

My husband helps me take the professional shots of the bags usually. Our goal that day was just to get 1 good photo of the Brown Petite Purse on me to show the relative size of the bag. We’re always multi-tasking, so we’ve got our eyes on the boys while trying to get the shot. We got this one, so we did what we needed. Then it’s time to let the boys play.



The Woodward’s Building is a good place to have coffee and hang out. The bottom of the building is commercial and the floors on top are residential. There’s a mini-basketball court inside and a long winding staircase that goes up to a school and the residence. As you can see, the staircase can help burn off some energy.


Here’s Pax trying to entertain his little brother. Nol is still very young, so he gets fussy when he’s not distracted with something.



Here’s the exterior of the Woodward’s Building. Woodward’s was an iconic department store in Vancouver. It was still around when I was young and I loved going there because it had a great toy department. The building was totally re-built in 2003 to a commercial/residential development, after being vacant for many years. In the background, there’s a big ‘W’ structure. That was kept from the original building.



Woodward’s is in the Gastown area of Vancouver, which is just off of Downtown. What I like about Gastown is that it is an older and historic part of Vancouver. I like the brick buildings, the cobblestone streets and the unique shops that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.




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