In The Studio: Back In Full Swing

This is my first full day back in the studio, since Christmas holidays. Extended holiday, you say? Well…no.  After the holidays, my mom had shingles. As you may know, my studio is at my mom’s home and she was afraid that it could be contagious, so we stayed away for a couple of weeks. Then my little man, Pax, had a fever and cold so I stayed home with him for a week. I’m happy to say that everyone is well now and I’m back in full swing in the studio.

I thought January will be a very slow month, but it turns out to be quite busy (not complaining). Supplies have to be re-ordered, the shop updated and orders to be fill. For those of you that have ordered the charcoal grey totes on pre-order, thank you for your patience. I have a big order of charcoal grey and brown lightly waxed canvas coming in. I hope to send out the totes at the end of the month, but will have a better estimate when the shipment comes in.


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