Do You Get Food Delivered To You While You Work?

I just want to show you what happens during the day while I’m working.  My mom takes care of my son when I work over at her place. Pax doesn’t like it when I close the door to the studio, so I keep it open for him to come in and out of.

Pax pretends that he owns a restaurant and always delivers food to me. He received the Melissa and Doug Food Groups play set as a gift (top) when he was 2 years old and still plays with it daily. I then bought him the Sushi Slicing Set and he loves to make me sushi. These wooden food toys are a lot of fun and I would recommend them for kids 2 years and older.

Here are some detailed shots of the toys: 


I like how colourful and creative these toys are. This set actually comes with a lot more play food. I just selected a few items to show you. This one is the Food Groups set.



This set comes in a wooden bento box; sushi, bowl, wasabi, ginger, chopsticks and a knife.

modern-coup-melissa-and-doug-sushi-food-toysThe topping is stuck to the rice by velcro, so it can be taken apart.  Here you have ebi sushi, tamago, salmon and salmon roe.



This is really cute. It comes with a little dipping bowl for your soy sauce and it comes with wasabi, ginger and chopsticks.



The maki sushi each have velcro on them, so you’re kids can stick them together as a roll and start cutting them into smaller pieces.  I find it a bit strange that they include a clever, instead of a regular knife. I guess the shape of a clever is more substantial for little hands to grip though.



Most kids that eat sushi know what a California roll is, so they have one included in the set. Great for dipping into your wasabi and soy sauce with a little ginger.





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