First Week of 2016 : Catching Up On Orders and Thinking Ahead

Happy 2016. It’s my first week back to work, after taking a couple of weeks off. My husband was off from work too, so we spent more time with the boys. We took them around the city, spent more time at home, ate and played. I told my husband that next year, after the busy holiday rush, we’re going to take the boys to California. I’m not sure where exactly, but I need to be somewhere warm. It doesn’t get that cold in Vancouver. Winters are mild and it rarely snows. When it does, everyone freaks out and the city almost shuts down (the East Coast would laugh…hard).  I just like the warm weather and not having to bundle up to go anywhere. Kids are also much happier when the weather’s nice and they can go out to play.

This week I’m catching up on orders from when I was away. I’m also thinking ahead on what I’m going to do this year; what new bags I’m going to be working on, how to refine my process, how to make my business even more sustainable, etc. January is also when I usually order most of my materials. In the next week or so, there will be new solid brass hardware, waxed canvas, shipping supplies and leather hides coming in. January is the slowest month for most businesses, but when you run a micro-business there’s always a lot to do.



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