2023 Winter Sample Sale – 25% Off!

I make samples regularly for taking photos and sizing. When I’m done with them and have quite a few, I like to sell them at a good price. This time around, I have work/travel bags, mechanical keyboard cases or sleeves and pouches. All 25% Off in the shop!

Numeric keypad case or sleeve in charcoal grey and brown. Waxed canvas and leather.

Samples are used mainly for photos, fit and some extras that I made. They are in great condition. To make room in the studio, I sell them at a discounted price.

This is the first time that Flatpack Pouches have been part of the sale. I made a small run of the midnight blue and charcoal grey ones.

Of course, there are a limited number of mechanical keyboard cases or sleeves on sale. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, so please take a look if you need one to take to the office or around with you.

There are also a few work/travel and everyday bags available. There are only 1 of each.

This Roll-Top Bag is specially made for travel. It comes with a luggage strap for your trolley suitcase, which is usually a custom option. Take a look at this handsome bag at 25% off.

Commuter Bag in custom colours: charcoal grey with a midnight blue bottom. This one was made specially to show this colour combination in photos. If you’re looking for a mid-size bag that has organizational pockets inside, please take a look.

This is one of my favourite bags, the Satchel in brown and black waxed canvas. It’s a purse size bag that you can take everywhere with you. Stylish and practical.

These are just a few examples. Please take a look in the shop for what’s available. If you need any help with sizing or fit, please contact me. Thanks! -Cat

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