Sample Sale! 20-50% Off Bags and Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves

Numpad case in charcoal grey

It’s time for our first sample sale of the year ! This only happens 2 times a year, otherwise, due to the small scale of production, items do not go on sale.

TKL case in all black. This is normally a custom colour option.

Samples. What are they?
Samples are items which were only used for photographing, have very minor imperfections or we made extras of. All items are in good condition.

Medium Carrier Bag in brown and black

This year, there are a wide variety of bags, mechanical keyboard sleeves or cases and pouches. There’s even some custom colour items that you won’t find regularly in the shop.

Commuter Bag in charcoal grey and brown
75% (large) mechanical keyboard sleeve in custom colours: olive green and orange
Flatpack pouch (7 pockets) in charcoal grey

Everything is limited in quantity and won’t be replenished until the next sample sale closer to the end of the year. Please, come by the shop and take a look, if you’re interested. Thanks! -Cat

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