Trip To Vancouver Using The Carrier Tote (With A Luggage Lock)

After the Modern Coup 10 Year Sale ended last week, I took a short trip to visit my mom in Vancouver. Even though I’m not a big fan of flying, September is a nicer time to travel since it’s less busy. Even though the flights to and from were almost full, I was lucky to have an empty seat beside me both ways.

Taking off at Ottawa’s Macdonald-Cartier Airport. View of Rideau Canal that runs north south of the city. It’s the world’s longest skateway when it freezes in the winter time.

I had a few custom bag requests from avid travel customers to add a leather zipper pull to either the Utility Tote or Carrier Tote. Their thinking is that they want the zipper pull to extend, so they can attach a luggage lock to where the D-ring attachment is. I found that really interesting and a pretty ingenious idea for added security.

On this trip, I wanted to test the luggage lock attachment myself so I brought the Medium Carrier Tote. It’s my second time flying with Porter Airlines, so I knew that it’s the maximum allowable size for a personal bag (I brought the Medium Zipper Tote on my first trip). What I found was that I could put a lock on the YKK zipper head and attach it to the D-ring, without adding a leather pull. This was really useful, especially when traveling alone.

I was only in Vancouver for 3 days, so I only took one bag and travelled light. I didn’t need a lot of things as I was staying with my mom. I always travel with a thermos, folded umbrella and my Kindle though.

I made this bag a couple of years ago and added the luggage strap, just in case I need it for travelling with a trolley suitcase. What’s versatile about the Carrier Tote is that you can remove the leather shoulder/crossbody strap and use it as a shoulder tote.

Thank you to my avid travel customers that brought this lock idea to me. I love it when customers find a way to use the bag in a way I didn’t think of. Some of them travel a lot for work and I enjoy making bags that work well for them.

With Summer behind us and it’s now officially Fall, I hope you’re settling into a nice routine. I’m trying to capture the remaining warm weather, while adjusting to working around a new school schedule. Thanks for reading and until next time. -Cat

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