Custom Bag: Medium Zipper Tote For Work. Grey and Black

This Medium Zipper Tote is for Melissa in New York City. She has returned to the office and will be using it as her work bag.

The tote comes in 3 stock colour combinations (grey/brown, black and brown/black). However, Melissa chose her own custom colours: charcoal grey with a black bottom and black leather straps. I really like this combination.

The Medium Zipper Tote comes with 2 front pockets and a key ring. These pockets are good for things you need to get easily and will fit a water bottle.

Inside the bag has another 4 pockets; 2 of which are bottle pockets. However, they are also perfect for folded umbrellas and glasses case.

The bag is made out of lightly waxed canvas and is water resistant. Ideal for Spring weather.

This tote also is available in a large size called… you guessed it, the Large Zipper Tote. I recommend this size if you’re looking for a travel carry-on bag. It’s the maximum size for most airlines as a personal item.

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