2022 Year In Review: Work and Family Time

Summer Trip to Montreal. Walking in beautiful historic Old Montreal with the boys.

2022 was full of surprises, mainly due to the changing state of the pandemic, in it’s 3rd year. We went from masking and Covid vaccine checks in the beginning of the year to re-openings in the summer and somewhat of a business as usual (with caution) scenario after.

When summer came along, I received an influx of orders from mainly US customers who told us they were going back to work part of the time or full-time. A lot of them were ordering mechanical keyboard sleeves and something else to go along with it, such as a pouch or a numeric keypad case.

This set is for Martin in Lost Angeles. A 65% (large bezel) sleeve with a Flatpack Pouch. Both in custom colours: olive green and brown and with personalization.

A set ordered by Pacal in Zurich, Switzerland. All in the stock colours offered: TKL carry case in charcoal grey, 60% (large bezel) sleeve in midnight blue with personalization, 60% (standard bezel) in brown with personalization

As you know, the last 2.5 years has affected anything travel related. In the summer, I started slowly getting more orders from customers who were needing a new travel bag. It was nice to work on bags again.

This is a fully customized Large Utility Tote for Cayenne in Seattle, Washington. If you would like to know about all of it’s features, please see here.

We also had the opportunity to go to Montreal a few times when the boys were off school. It’s a 2 hour VIA train ride from Ottawa. I like taking short 2 or 3 day trips. I find it to be just enough time to have fun together, but I don’t like to leave my work for long.

View on the VIA train from Ottawa to Montreal. Ottawa is in the province of Ontario bordering our French Canadian province of Quebec (where Montreal is). I think we have just crossed into the Quebec side here.

Historic stone buildings in Old Montreal. Many of them have been transformed into retail and restaurants.

Other than that, we enjoy bike riding together. Ottawa closes roads to cars in the summer so people can walk and bike. We all have folding bikes now. Christian modified 2 Dahon Vybes to fit the boys and we have our new Brompton.

Biking at the Queen Elizabeth Driveway in Ottawa. It’s a really nice stretch in the middle of the city. A great place to ride especially for kids.
Ready to board the new LRT in Ottawa. Bromptons folded and ready to go. This is the University Of Ottawa station.

I also launched a small collection of Brompton bags. These are not new designs, but I made them compatible with the Brompton front carrier rack.

Custom coloured Roll-Top and Utility Tote made to be compatible with the Brompton front carrier rack.
Utility Tote in a popular stock colour combination: charcoal grey and brown bottom with brown leather

That’s a year compacted into a few photos. If you find this small blog, thank you for being here. I’ll be writing a lot more next year about a wider range of subjects, so please check back. My best wishes for 2023. -Cat

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