What Came First, The Bags or The Keyboard Cases?

Utility Tote (Medium size) in black paired with an Apple Magic keyboard sleeve in midnight blue.

Recently, some mechanical keyboard customers noticed there are bags on the online shop and congratulated us on designing bags. I appreciated that very much. I actually I started making bags a while ago. It’s a bit confusing because I started out selling on Etsy about 8 years ago. The mechanical keyboard sleeves and cases I started about 4 years ago. However, because they were pretty different products and had different customer bases, I kept them separate. The bags continued on Etsy and a new online shop for the keyboard sleeves.

What happened was that some customers realized I made both and requested custom orders for a bag and a keyboard case. I was actually quite surprised because I didn’t think that my bag customers were interested in keyboard cases and vice versa. That got me thinking that it was time to put everything I designed into one cohesive online shop. I was getting a little frustrated with the workings of Etsy anyhow (that I will discuss in a more lengthy post another time). With a website redesign, updating all the photos and a new copy, I’m really happy the way it turned out. There’s always more to do to improve it, but that’s the kind of business this is; a slow progression.

This is a Utility Tote (Medium) and an Apple Magic keyboard sleeve for Tracy in San Francisco. The Utility Tote is the second bag I design after the Zipper Totes and it remains to be one of my favourites. The collection are the same few bags after all these years because I like the focused approach on making a few things well, rather than a bunch of stuff. I can honestly say that I have made this bag more than a thousand times.

The Utility Tote comes with short hand-held straps and an adjustable crossbody strap
It is lined with a sturdy 100% cotton twill lining. It has 6 pockets in total where 2 of them are bottle pockets.
There are 2 exterior front pockets for quick access of belongings. They are also good for water bottles and folded umbrellas. You will also find a key ring to secure your keys onto.

The Apple Magic Keyboard sleeve is the sleekest in the line-up. Due to the keyboard being really thin and streamline, the case is also nice and flat. The top side is lightly padded for protection.

The outer pocket can accommodate an Apple Magic Trackpad, a lightning cable or USB cable of moderate length.

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