Group Buy for 60% 65% and 68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases | Water Resistant Lightly Waxed Canvas | Handmade in Vancouver

Over the last few years I’ve been watching my husband fidget with these small mechanical keyboards. He has all these tools to take the key caps off and switch them with different coloured key caps, amongst other things. The keyboard can look pretty fancy at times. I’ve never really asked him about them. There are a few things that I feel are his domain: vintage cameras, mechanical keyboards, video games and computer related stuff. I don’t ask and he doesn’t have to tell, as in I don’t ask how much he spent and he doesn’t have to tell me.

Anyhow, he wanted a sleeve for his 60% keyboard (it has 60 keys). I decided to make him one. The first version was good, but it was a little snug and I felt that it needed a handle (see last photo in this post). The photos you see here are version 2.0 and the final design, which I’m happy with and my husband was ecstatic about.

To make a long story longer… my husband posted his on Reddit and I posted it on my Instagram.We received a lot of interest in them and so we decided to run a group buy so everyone can get it at a special price. Right now we’re running a group buy on the 60% and the 65/68% sleeves or cases (The 40% cases are coming!). They are $39usd and $49usd respectively. After the group buy, they will be selling for $59 and $69.

If you’re interested, please visit us on Reddit. There is a form where you can place your order. We will be running this group buy until next Monday, August 14, 2017.


The sleeve or case is made out of a water resistant lightly waxed canvas. It is a beautiful textile that doesn’t rub onto anything else. It has a carrying handle and a front pocket to put your cords and other gadgets in.


I put a leather pull tab for easy opening and thought it was a great place to put the Modern Coup logo on it for that added touch.


They are available in 3 colour combinations: midnight blue/grey, brown/black and charcoal grey/brown. In the near future, I will be able to offer custom colours and added options to these.


As with all my bags, I always give a lot of thought to the closure. With these keyboards, I decided a magnetic closure is the best way of going about it. A regular snap would put pressure on the keys. I wanted something that was also easy to open and close, so voila!


This is version 1.0. I liked it, but not fully satisfied with it. It was a bit snug, it didn’t have a handle and I wanted it to be 2-toned, like my bags.


If you have any questions, please reach out to my husband Christian (xtian [at] or PM him on Reddit (/u/pabloescobyte). He can answer your questions better than I can.


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