All Black TKL Carry Case for a Duck Jetfire and 65% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve for a RAMA M65-A Attending Keycon 2018

Custom All Black, Personalized 65% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve for a RAMA M65-A Bound for Keycon 2018

Check out this all black, personalized 65% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve for Christian (no, not me!) that attended Keycon 2018.

Inside it’s transporting and keeping safe a beautiful aluminum RAMA M65-A outfitted with DSA Hydro and nicely accented with a Shishi for bonus aesthetic points

The RAMA is one of the most beautiful keyboard designs out there. I really wish I was able to get in on the Group Buy when it had gone live!

There is the RAMA M60-A coming but alas I already have an HHKB and don’t need yet another 60% keyboard around the house. RAMA, make a beautiful 40% and call me please!

Custom All Black TKL Carry Case for a Duck Jetfire

What goes well with an a custom all black 65% mechanical keyboard sleeve? How about a custom, all black TKL Carry Case? This one’s for a Korean custom, an 1800-layout Duck Jetfire. The Jetfire is just a little over a row wider thanks to an extra column of keys between the primary key cluster and the numpad.

You can get a mechanical keyboard sleeve to fit your own 40% layout, 60% layout or 65% layout keyboard or a carry case for your TKL/1800-layout keeb in the colors of your choice: just add the Custom Color Add-on to your cart and pick the body, bottom trim and leather pull tab color you want!

Not sure about the fit? No problem! Just send me an e-mail and I’d be happy to help you find the right sleeve or carry case. We can even custom fit any one of our sleeves to fit your specific keyboard.

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