Best Free Places To Go In Vancouver: Granville Island – Under The Granville Street Bridge


I like to go to Granville Island whenever possible. I was there several weeks ago and there’s something I never noticed before that was so interesting. When you’re at Granville Island and you look up, the Granville Street Bridge’s structure is actually quite magnificent.

This bridge connects the south side of Vancouver to downtown. Here in this photo, across the water is a downtown neighbourhood called Yaletown.


When I observed what’s around, I found this perspective. I like this view of the steel and the concrete structure.


There’s a nice restaurant called The Sandbar  right below the bridge. The building’s industrial look goes well with the bridge’s structure.


I took this photo because all these materials and elements seemed to belonged together: the steel bridge structure, the aluminum/steel building, the wooden boat, the concrete structure and the boulders.


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