Best Free Places To Go In Vancouver: Granville Island – Industrial Buildings


Each time I go to Granville Island in Vancouver, I always find something interesting. This time, it’s  the colourful industrial buildings and the scenery. Here’s some shots I took while walking around.

I’m not sure what the aluminum and yellow concrete buildings are used for. Typically though, there are many artisans and small manufacturers on Granville Island. I like the contrast in colours and materials.


This is a small industrial building close to the entrance of Granville Island. It’s the workshop of Forge and Form Goldsmith.


Now this isn’t a real building, but a bird house. I know…lucky birds. It would be neat if there was a real sized studio that looked like this. 


If you walk to the backside of Granville Island, there is a great seawall. It extends to almost all of Vancouver, if you keep walking. If you’re across the water there and keep walking for about 30 minutes, you will reach Olympic Village. That was built to house athletes when Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. I’ve written a post before about this area. Please see here.


Granville Island is an interesting place because there is still some light industry businesses operating in the area. I know there’s a concrete plant still in operation. I think at one point, before the markets and retail stores, this area was mainly industrial plants and warehouses.


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