Halloween At The Kid’s Market On Granville Island

Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend.

The highlight of our weekend was going Halloween trick or treating at the Kids Market on Granville Island Sunday. My husband and I were  slow deciding what Pax should be for his 1st time trick or treating. On Saturday, we decided that he would probably really like being his favourite chocolate, a Reese peanut butter cup. So on Saturday night, after Pax went to bed, we joined forces and made his costume. I like how the peanut butter cup just seems to pop right out.

The Kids Market is a building that houses independent toy stores, clothing shops, a candy store, a games area, a small eatery and party room. They held this free event for  kids to have a hot dog lunch and trick or treat at the shops. It was so much fun. Pax really liked his costume, but when he found out that he can run around to get candies, he was just ecstatic.

Here’s Pax lining up to get his hot dog and peeking into other kids’ bags to see what candies they got.


We came at 11am, when the event started and there was already a big turn out. When we left at around 12:30, the place was really crowded. The event runs until 3pm, but I would suggest coming right when it starts. This is a really popular event for parents with babies, toddlers and younger kids.

This is the entrance to the Kids Market. It is really a fun place to take your kids any time of the year.


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