For 2017…

This year will be my 3rd year in business. I’m very appreciative of the support I’ve gotten from customers. Only in recent years have designers, makers and creatives been able to represent and sell their own work directly to customers, mainly attributed to online platforms.

There’s still a lot to improve on though. I have 3 main goals for this year:

  1. Building an e-commerce website for Modern Coup. I will still have an Etsy Shop because I like this platform. However, I would like customers to be able to look at the bag offerings and be able to purchase directly on the site. My husband is working on this and also improving on the blog. He is pretty busy with his own work, so if he gets this done in the first half of the year, it would be great.
  2. Better at updating the blog and having more variety of topics to share. Being busy with orders and taking care of my little boys sometimes doesn’t allow me to update the blog as much as I would like. I will have to make more time for this and keep it more interesting.
  3. Slowly adding more bags to the shop. I’m designing a few unisex bags in my head right now. It will take a little while from design, prototype, testing, re-working the design to the final product.


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