In The Studio: Cyber Monday Week Without Mom

It has been one crazy week here. It’s Cyber Monday week and I had quite a few orders come in (a good problem, I know).  My mom, who usually takes care of my son while I work, made an unplanned trip to Toronto last week to see my grandfather. So, it was just me and little man. If you work from home and have kids, you know that it’s not easy to get work done. Pax wanted me to play with him and tried to take over the studio with his toys, but overall he was really good. He played by himself, in my studio and with my dad, when he came home early.

I must say that even though this week was so busy, I enjoyed spending time with Pax. Even if I work from home (well, my mom’s home), I feel that I never give him enough attention because I’m always doing something. This week, he kept me company in the studio, we went for sushi lunch and daily drop-offs at the post office. It was good.

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