New: Modern Coup Lightly Waxed Zipper Pouches Are In The Shop

lightly waxed canvas zipper pouch – charcoal grey 

I finished 3 new zipper pouches last week and showed them to my husband, Christian. I asked him if he can take photos of them for me and I’ll just leave it up to him how he styles it. After full days in the studio, I was too tired to think about how the pouches should be photographed.

He showed them to me when I came home last Friday and I was amazed with the photos and his creativity. Each different coloured pouch is styled so nicely, taken with his Leica M8. Now only if I can leave him with other tasks and have the same great results. I’m thinking grocery shopping, cleaning the home, cooking…

lightly waxed canvas zipper pouch – red

He told me that there is a resurgence in film cameras and that my pouches would be good for carrying films in. I like how he included the Canon AE-1 film camera that my dad gave him with my  Fujifilm Instax instant film camera in the picture, the old and the new.

modern-coup-brown-zipper-pouchlightly waxed zipper pouch – dark brown 

I had a little chuckle when I saw this picture. He took some of my make-up and grooming tools to style this photo. I thought it was very cute, imagining him running around our place looking for things I would use.





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