Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood, A Birthday and Moon Cakes

Here’s a few photos of my recent trip to Vancouver to visit my mom for her birthday. Since Moon Festival was coming up, we celebrated with moon cakes and birthday pastries rather than a cake.

Moon Festival started on September 29th this year. Growing up, it was the 2nd most important holiday after Chinese New Year. It’s a celebration of the harvest.

I spent some time walking around Mount Pleasant, a neighbourhood I grew up at. It has gone through a lot of changes.

The local park has made improvements. A nice pathway for walks (top-most photo) and a modern playground.

The neighbourhood consisted mainly of low-rise apartments from the 1970’s. A lot of them have been renovated. Also, there are some new condos and interesting in-fill housing.

There’s a lot of greenery in the neighbourhood. You will find tree lined streets and a few community gardens.

Since I was only there for a few short days, I took it easy and just hung around the neighbourhood. I was just there this Spring with the boys. Here are some of my favourite spots that I posted about in the past: Granville Island, Steveston Village, Coal Harbour and the Waterfront.

Thanks for coming by. Until next time… -Cat

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