Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves Or Carry Cases (60% and 65/68%) Are Ready To Be Shipped!

For the last 4 weeks, other than my bag orders, I have been working on, thinking about and dreaming about keyboard sleeves. They have just taken over the studio.

We have already shipped out the first 2 batches of 60% and 65/68% mechanical keyboard sleeves/carry cases. Christian and I plan to work over the weekend and ship out most, if not all, the orders. Thank you again for everyone for the support and patience while we worked on these.

This is an Apolis bag¬†¬†Christian bought for me and it’s great to put our shipping in. (I added that shoulder strap to it for hands free carrying.)


The midnight blue sleeves were very popular, almost head to head with the charcoal grey. The charcoal grey sleeves won by a few orders though.


Charcoal grey and brown sleeves were the most popular. This colour combo is also the best seller for my bags.

Below are a few more pictures of the process of making these sleeves/carry cases if you’re interested.


I traced and handcut the pattern pieces. There is a faster way, which is to use my electric cutter. However, this method is not as precise and it creates a little more material waste. I’d rather do it the slower, but the right way. (This photo: I traced the flaps of the sleeves and the carry handle.)


There were stacks and stacks of cut pieces to sew. This is just one of the stacks. Thank goodness for my Juki industrial sewer. It has 3/4 horsepower and it’s speed and strength made sewing these a delight.


Here’s the assembly of the flaps. These get sewn in with the body of the sleeve and lining at the end of the process.


This is almost the home stretch in production. Once the the body of the sleeves, the flaps and the lining gets sewn together, most of it is the finishing touches.

So here you have it! It’s been a crazy workload, but I really like working on these. It helps so much that so many of you have such nice words of encouragement for Christian and I. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The next steps… I’m working on samples of the 40% keyboard sleeve/carry case and starting an online shop for keyboard sleeves and specialty cases.


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