Summer 2017 Highlights: Work and Play

It’s hard to believe it’s September again. I hope you had a nice summer. My family and I had a wonderful summer. The weather was great in Vancouver. We had a couple of days of rain altogether, I think. Typically we would get a few hot days and then some rain, but this year we got good weather almost everyday. The only thing with the nice weather was that it didn’t help forests fires happening in the central part of our province.

We didn’t do any out of town travelling. I feel like there’s not really a good reason to go anywhere far when the weather is good around here. The kids like going to the playground, the waterpark (pictured here) and doing things outdoors.


The boys stayed at my parents for a few days during the summer. It gave my husband and I some time to do things on our own and enjoy some quiet time. One day we went to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to walk and just watch the ferries come and go.


I like going to community gardens. I’m not much of a gardener, but I like to look at all the things growing.


Nothing beats a nice cold drink when you’re taking a break at the playground. Life is good…


Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre is a great place in downtown to watch cruise ships dock.


This summer was not just play though. The studio does get slower at the beginning of summer. It ramps up in August and this year it was actually got extra busy.

I designed a mechanical keyboard sleeve/case and my husband hosted a group buy, which got over 100 orders. I’m still working on finishing these for mid-September.

August also gets busy because there are bag orders for back to school and Fall travel.


I haven’t posted the custom bags I worked on this summer, so I’ll be doing that next. It’s back to normal scheduled programming when school starts tomorrow. Have a good September!



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