Custom Bag: Satchel Turned Into A Small Zipper Tote | Waxed Canvas and Leather | Charcoal Grey and Brown


Lydia, a local Vancouver customer, wanted 2 bags made for her. One is a small tote and the other is a Medium Zipper Tote. She wanted to replace her Longchamp bags with these. She’s the 3rd customer that has told me that they are purchasing my bags to replace their Longchamp. I’m so honoured by this as I’m a very small bag maker and Longchamp is a huge French bag company.

The above picture is the small tote she requested. It’s actually the body of the Satchel I have in the shop, but with tote straps rather than a crossbody strap. A simple change, but it’s a totally different bag. She likes this smaller size because she plans to put this tote inside her Medium Zipper Tote.  She previously used her Longchamp tote bags this way, too.



  1. Lydia wanted both the bags to have her initials on the personalized leather labels. 
  2. I placed it on the top side of one of the outer pockets.
  3. 2 outer pockets comes standard on the Satchel
  4. The interior of the bag has 2 inside pockets for organization.



Here’s a huge side view of the bag.



The brown Medium Zipper Tote that Lydia also ordered is a stock bag, but she added the personalized leather label for it, too. For this bag, I felt that it looked best at the top centre of the tote.

Lydia’s smart thinking that required small modifications to the bags, made it uniquely bags of her own. I must also add that she was such considerate customer. These were requested on the 2nd week of last December. She knew that I was busy with Christmas orders and said I can take my time with these because she doesn’t need them for Christmas.  I made sure they arrived for Christmas, but I must say that the fact she thought about my workload was really heartwarming. It’s really nice to meet good people.


*Even though I designed the bags in the shop, sometimes the customers see something they can do with it that I’ve never thought about. That’s always interesting to me. If you have an idea for a bag you would like, please contact me at cathy[at]  Thanks!




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