Custom Bag: Last Custom Order Before Offspring #2 Comes


This is a custom tote for a customer in Toronto, who bought two totes from me before.

I didn’t ask her what she intends to use it for, but I’m guessing that it’s for a laptop because I’ve had similar requests in the past.

This tote is longer than it is wide, so it’s practical for putting in a laptop vertically. The measurements are 14-in. wide x 15-in. high x 4-in. deep.

I liked the way this one turned out. The customer asked for the bag to be made entirely out of Charcoal Grey waxed canvas and chestnut brown bridle leather straps. There are two large interior pockets inside.

I do like taking custom orders when I think the bag will turn out well. However, this is the last custom bag I’ll be making for a little while.

I’m eight months pregnant with my second boy and I’m starting to feel really heavy and slow. I will still have the regular selection that you see in the online shop.


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