Sale: Medium Zipper Tote in Brown with 2 Large Interior Pockets

When I first starting selling the Medium Zipper Tote, I designed it with 2 large interior pockets. As I went along, I began to receive custom orders for extra pockets. Some customers wanted to use it as a diaper bag and others just wanted more pockets for organization. I then gave customers the choice of either 2 or 4 pockets and most of the customers chose the 4 pockets, even though there is an extra charge.

I’ve decided to only offer the tote with 4 interior pockets. I have a few Medium Zipper Totes in Brown with 2 pockets that are ready to ship, so I’m putting these on sale. Get it at $95 each (The 4 pocket version is $108). Come check it out in the shop.





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