It’s Like Pulling Teeth…

I’ve been working on creating stock recently. Right now I’m making 30 medium zipper totes. The totes have a full solid brass zipper at the top to keep everything secure. Many of my customers look for this feature, as many bags are just open or have a snap button.

Why don’t more bags have a full zipper then? The answer is that it takes time to put on a zipper. For one, zippers only come in specific sizes. What I have to do to them is actually adjust it to the size I need. It is a time consuming step in the process, but I think it’s worth it because I like having all my belongings secured and customers do, too.

Adjusting the length of a zipper is like pulling teeth. I’m not kidding. It literally is pulling teeth. The track of the zipper is called the teeth and I actually have to pull them out one by one in order to adjust it to the length I need. After making over a hundred of the medium size totes, I’m getting really good at pulling zipper teeth. I adjusted 30 zippers today and my hand didn’t even cramp up. That’s my victory for today as far as production goes.




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