2023 A Very Happy Christmas To You

This is our 4th Christmas in Ottawa. I always keep it simple; I make them something, buy some treats and book a short trip to have fun together.

When I’m working on orders, the boys sometimes tell me they really like what I’m working on. I keep note of it and what colours they say are nice. This year, I made Christian a small Field Messenger Bag and the boys A Flatpack Pouch and a coin wallet (I’ll show you those in another post).

This was the late afternoon of Christmas Eve when my work was finished, and the house and studio were cleaned up.

We found a very good ham from a regional producer and I’ve been making it every Christmas, since we’ve been in Ottawa. I thought the boys might want to have something different this year, so I asked them if we should get take out for Christmas lunch. They said, “Ummm…yah, we’ll have our traditional ham meal and then we can have take out another day…”. I guess I’m not getting away from making the holiday ham meal. I don’t mind though. I really like it, too.

I hope you’ll be having a happy Christmas and a good feast. -Cat

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