60% Sleeve and Pouch Set For A Keychron K3 v2 Keyboard and Apple Magic Accessories

60% sleeve in custom colours: charcoal grey with orange bottom and brown leather. Stock Pouch in orange.

Jackson from nearby Salt Lake City, Utah wrote in asking which case he should get for his mechanical keyboard, Apple Magic trackpad, mouse and accessories. He has a Keychron K3 v2. In the above photo, I used an Apple Magic keyboard just to show the size.

The Keychron K3 is actually a low-profile 75% wireless mechanical keyboard, but it fits in the 60% sleeve due to its slim design. I have posted about the Keychron K3 and K6 before. You can see how one of my previous customers, Brett in Australia uses his here.

Jackson was wondering if the Apple Magic trackpad would fit in the front pocket of the sleeve. Since his keyboard is slim, it would actually work out well.

As for his Apple Magic mouse and other small accessories, a Stock Pouch works perfectly. It’s compact, but can hold quite a few things.

Many customers, like Jackson, are returning to work from Covid work from home situations. There have been a lot of inquiries about what sleeve or case to buy for their keyboard and accessories. You can see a few examples of sets other customers have ordered in my previous post.

If you’re wondering about what case(s) to purchase for your needs or questions about fit, please send us a message. – Thanks, Cat

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