Shipping to the UK and EU Again!

I’m happy to announce that shipping has resumed to the UK and EU. In mid-2021, I stopped shipping to these countries. UK and EU laws required that online sellers register and collect VAT (tax) on their behalf. This is for orders under 135 GBP and 150 Euros, respectively. As a very small business, there is too much administration.

In that time period, I had quite a few UK and EU customers inquire about shipping to them. As a workaround, I can only ship orders that are more than 135 GBP and 150 Euros. The customer is responsible for paying the VAT to customs in their country. For details, please visit the FAQ page in the shop.

Pictured is an order for Rigas and his girlfriend in London, UK. A custom 60% mechanical keyboard sleeve and a Commuter Bag. I was very happy to be able to ship to them.

60% (standard) mechanical keyboard sleeve or case in all black with personalization. It’s made out of a lightly waxed water resistant canvas and bridle leather. It is lightly padded on the front side.

The Commuter Bag is a personal sized crossbody tote that has 6 pockets in total: 4 interior pockets and 2 outside pockets.

The Commuter Bag has a full brass zipper top closure to keep all your belongings secure.

If you are in the UK or EU and would like to place an order, please contact us. A manual invoice has to be prepared due to the minimum purchase requirement. Thanks!

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