Introducing The Flatpack Pouch – Everyday Carry

The Flatpack Pouch is one of my favourite designs. The idea was to make a highly organized pouch that would fit small personal belongings. This compact pouch could be taken by itself or transferred from bag to bag.

I made one for my husband, Christian, (as pictured above) to carry all his things he used to stuff into his pockets. I learned about some pretty neat things he has, like a Leatherman multi-tool and powerful mini flashlights. He then told me about an EDC or Everyday Carry community of people who like to pack light. Lo and behold, many of the customers buying the Flatpack Pouch are EDC enthusiasts.

The pouch has 7 pockets in total: 4 exterior and 3 interior. The exterior front 3 pockets are for things you can reach for quickly. Pictured here is a Leatherman multi-tool, flashlight and keys.

The interior has 3 pockets and 1 main compartment. These are Christian’s personal belongings he takes with him daily. The slotted pockets are great for keys, lip balm and a hand sanitizer (these are Covid times after all and he usually has his mask in there, but not pictured here). Then he has a notebook, wallet and pen.

The exterior back of the pouch also has another pocket for your phone. How many pockets is that now? Ahhh yes… 7. I know… jam packed.

We filled it with other things that we thought someone might use this pouch for. Perhaps it could be used as a bike tool pouch. A spare inner tire tube is always a must, along with the necessary tools.

We also thought it would make a good pouch for someone to put their notebook and writing instruments.

The Flatpack Pouch is available in 3 colours: charcoal grey, midnight blue and dark brown. Of course, you can also have your own custom colours for an additional cost in the shop.

This is a custom colour one I made for Alejandro in Toronto, Canada. He chose this great combination of charcoal grey and orange with his personalization on it. Other than that, he special requested a couple of tabs added on the sides so he can hook some of his own things onto it.

Here’s a set I made for Rachel in Richmond, Virginia. She ordered a Stock Pouch and a custom Flatpack in midnight blue and orange.

I love making this pouch and thinking about all the variety of ways customers are using it. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be sent some photos along the way. When that happens, I’ll be sure to share that.

Please head over to the online shop if you’re interested in one. You can also choose your own custom colours and personalize it there. Thanks!

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