Custom TKL Carry Case For Quefrency 65% Mechanical Keyboard

This is a custom fit TKL or tenkeyless carry case for Adin in Sacramento, California. He inquired about a sleeve or case for his Quefrency. It’s a a split 65% keyboard with macro/function keys on the left side.

Even though it’s a 65% keyboard, it doesn’t fit into our 65% sleeves due to its larger size. It’s actually closer to the largest case, which is the TKL. However, it is even slightly longer than the TKL, so it needed a custom size.

Customers sometimes ask if I will make a fully custom sleeve or case for them. The answer is…it depends. So if I can do a slight adjustment to the pattern and feel the case will turn out nicely, I will do it. However, if it is something where I would have to almost create a new pattern, it’s a no. The reason being that it is too time consuming as a one-off and the cost would be too much. As for Adin’s case… it required the length of the case to be extended a little, so it was fine.

The Quefrency split 65% keyboard made by by

Here are a few other TKL cases in different colours. This one is in midnight blue and yellow with brown vegetable tanned leather. (For Tsunghan in San Jose, CA). The one on the right is in one of our signature stock colours: midnight blue and grey.

TKL Carry Case in custom colours: Black with charcoal grey bottom and black leather
TKL carry case in custom colours for Brandon in Silver Springs, Maryland. Black with charcoal grey bottom and black leather
TKL case for Natalie in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Custom colours: charcoal grey with orange bottom and black vegetable tanned leather. With personalization added.

Case has an exterior pocket to keep your cables and small items. Seen here with a Leopold FC980M keyboard.

If you are looking for a TKL carry case, please take a look at the online shop. You will be able to choose your own custom colours and personalization if you want.

For a custom fit one, like Adin’s, please contact us for details and pricing information. Thanks!

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