Custom Large Carrier Tote and Backpack. Travel Carry-On With 9 Pockets!

Last March, at the beginning of the pandemic, I had a few past customers message me to just let me know that they love their bag and were using it often. They also wanted to wish me well and it was very nice. I really appreciated that they took the time to do that, especially since it was an uncertain time.

The past year or so, we saw that travel has come to a halt. Most of my bag customers bought theirs for work and/or travel, so it has been slow on that front. However, the mechanical keyboard sleeves and cases have kept me busy. The bags that I have made in the last year are mostly from repeat customers, which brings me to introducing this bag.

Sam in Canberra, Australia emailed me and said she would like to order a custom Large Carrier Tote. She has a custom medium size one from 4 years ago and told me she’s been using it everyday. It was time to get a bigger one and fully customize it. So let’s take a look at this one.

This is the biggest size I offer and I always recommend it if you take it as a flight carry-on or if you tend to carry a lot everyday. It’s the maximum size for most airlines as a personal size carry-on (so…no added baggage fees and waiting for your luggage at the carousel). One of the main features that makes this bag a really good flight bag is that it has a full zipper closure. When you have to stow it under the seat in front of you, you can rest assured that all your belonging are secured.

The Carrier Tote has long shoulder straps and a removable crossbody strap. That’s especially important since you don’t want it to catch on anything going through the security belt or elsewhere.

Of course, with any traveller, an added luggage strap is a must. She saw that I made a similar bag before with a phone/passport pocket on the luggage strap and she requested that. It’s not something you can order on the online store, but contact me if it’s something you like.

Sam also wanted backpack straps to be added, so essentially she can use this bag 3 ways. The straps are non-removable for ergonomic and stability reasons. However, if you adjust it to it’s shortest length, you can keep the straps out of the way.

Also not on the menu is this water resistant lining. I’ve been running low on this fabric and it’s been hard to re-order. It’s a cotton blend that is water resistant, so it’s not something you can get anywhere. Most water resistant materials are made out of nylon (polyester). Not my preferred choice.

What makes this bag the perfect work/travel companion is that all your belongings can be organized into 5 interior pockets: 2 water bottle pockets, 2 medium pockets and 1 large. On top of that, Sam added an interior zippered pocket for more added security of her important belongings (this is by request only).

The Carrier Tote has 2 exterior front pockets which are great for things you need quick access to. Also, for a water bottle or folded umbrella. (That makes this bag have 9 pockets all together!) There is a key ring included in the inside of one of the exterior pockets. (I just flipped it around to show you.)

Lastly, to make this truly special for Sam, she personalized it with her initials.

Overall, this bag is jammed pack. Sam really went all out on this one. I just want to recap what this bag has:

Large Carrier Tote in black
+ backpack straps
+ luggage strap
+ cell phone/passport pocket on luggage strap
+ water resistant lining
+ interior zippered pocket
+ personalization

Size: 18.5 in. W x 14 in. H x 6 in. D (47 cm x 35.5 cm x 15 cm) *maximum personal size carry-on for most airlines

Typically, custom bags take about 2 weeks to make before shipping. With Sam’s bag, it took 3 due to all the customizations and a few being “off the menu” so to speak.

You will be able to see the bags and customizations from the online shop. If you have an inquiries about a custom bag, please contact me.

Travel and workplaces are still starting up again at a cautious pace and rightly so. I’m looking forward to making more bags for customers when the time is right. I hope you liked this post. Thanks for coming by. -Cat

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