Introducing the 1% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve

This morning, Christian checked the r/MechanicalKeyboards subreddit and saw the Stack Overflow 3% (3-key keyboard) for sale. He showed it to me and I was thinking…these keyboards have gotten out of hand! What are we supposed to do with this?! He told me it’s an April Fool’s Day prank. Then he said, “wouldn’t it be funny if we countered him and said we make a keyboard sleeve for that?” I told him, I am not making one for that.

Then I remembered I made a 3″ x 3″ watch pouch for my brother last year and showed him. Christian thought it would be funny if we posted a 1% keyboard sleeve (1-key keyboard). So, he spent a productive morning photoshopping a Delete key onto the pouch and posted it.

Throughout the day, he got questions from people asking when they can buy one. Haha. Also, asking him if he has to take just one key to work, which one would it be? He replied, “the Esc key.” That was good fun.

This is the original photo. It’s a watch pouch my brother asked me to make him last year. He wanted it to store a vintage watch my dad gave him. The brand is called Orient. I actually have the female version of it. It’s my mom’s. They had it when they were in their 20s, so these are 40-50 year old watches. I still wear mine everyday. It’s an automatic watch and it still keeps great time. They really did make things a lot better before. This is how you know you’re getting old-er. Saying things like this…

I hope you’re doing well and this gave you a bit of a snicker. -Cat

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